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To be the Leader in Cancer-specific and Personalized Nutrition


To accelerate intentional nutrition’s use in the fight against cancer.​


FightBack Foods is redefining “good for you” specifically through foods formulated with disease-relevant calories, natural nutrition and clean fuels that support the body’s own ability to optimize its immune system, especially when attacked by cancer.​


FightBack Foods fuels the fight against cancer through science, knowledge and awareness, and will continue its calling to battle cancer, while ensuring that food and nutrition are weaponized to defeat this dreadful disease one person at a time.​


Our Values: ​

IndulgeRx Brands and our cancer-fighting brand FightBack Foods enthusiastically embrace values reflective of contemporary concerns and compassion for people and our planet. ​


Business with Purpose:​

Giving back to the cancer community of patients, caregivers and health care practitioners.​


Environmentally Conscious:​

Minimal impact on the environment – “green” product and packaging practices when possible. ​


Supporting sustainable and regenerative agriculture – sourcing from sustainable agricultural sources; supporting regenerative agriculture when practical.​


Supply chain transparency – supply chain transparency and fair-trade sourcing of ingredients whenever there is a choice.​


Value-guided Goals:  ​

     Promote a naturally occurring cancer-optimized blend of protein, fats and carbohydrates.​

     Deliver calorie-dense formulations to fight against Cachexia (cancer-induced weight loss).​

     Supply nutrition-intense foods to support compromised immune systems.​

     Include antioxidant blends to fight free radicals.​

     Leverage anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce harmful inflammation.​

     Integrate ingredients with properties known to soothe or quell treatment side-effects.​

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