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There can be some confusing information out there in regards to almond protein powder. Take a moment and this will help clear up questions you may have. Still curious about something not covered here? Email us at and one of our representatives will get back to you.

What is the difference between almond protein powder and almond flour or almond meal?

Almond Protein vs almond flour or meal is a common question and they are very different products. Both almond flour and almond meal are simply almonds which have been ground in a mill. There is a variety of sizes when it comes to the grind and this is just determined by the size of the grinder and the mesh it is being sifted through. 1lb of almonds = 1lb of flour or meal.


When it comes to almond protein, you are first taking the whole nut and you are pressing it to extract the oil, once the product has been defatted you are left with an almond “cake.” This almond cake then goes through a process of micritization to further break it down. So your end result is a defatted micronized protein concentrate, the fine micritization and defatting is what allows it to be so easily soluble in water.


It takes just over 2+lbs of almonds to net you 1lb of protein, which beyond just the extended process is why the cost is so much higher. What further separates our almond protein powder is turning it into protein, our ability to defat and break it down far more than anyone else is why we net nearly 60% protein (per 100g) as opposed to most of the others out which fall into the mid 40% range.

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