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Ingredients: Organic raw cacao nibs, organic coconut sugar, organic yaconroot powder, organic raw cacao butter, organic vanilla bean, organic peppermint essential oil, live probiotic blend of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. lactis, B. longum


  • Infused with Prebiotics

  • Sweetened with Coconut Sugar

  • 10 Billion Probiotics Per Bar!

  • USDA Organic

This one-of-a-kind treat fuses medicinal nutrition with a blissful sensory experience of raw chocolate decadence. Our probiotic stone ground mint chocolate bar contains 10 billion active probiotics, yacon root for its prebiotic effects, and refreshing peppermint essential oil to improve digestion while delighting the senses. A treat you and your belly can feel good about!

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