FightBack Foods Help You Fight Back

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

FightBack Foods Help You Fight Back

Dr. Laurie Darnell joins the FightBack Foods team and helps provide you with solid professional advice that aids in giving you ammunition to fight against cancer.

“Medicine and making people well is my personal calling. I am passionate about my family, my career and helping people heal. This is the reason why I have joined the team at FightBack Foods® as an advisor and contributor. Most importantly, I appreciate and respect the mission of the brand, and the great purpose for which it exists.

I absolutely believe that treatments and medications are critical options and weapons in the fight against cancer, but I also believe that the empowerment of information, the right nutrition, positive mental health and an inspired spirit, altogether contribute equally to optimized outcomes. Thus, I am contributing through “Dr. Laurie’s Corner” and my “Food for Thought” Blog in a proactive effort to provide meaningful, balanced insights and perspective to questions posed.”

I am a true believer in FightBack Foods and what they stand for now at launch, and into the future!”

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