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FightBack Foods Recipes

Try out these fun recipes

Need some great ideas to use your Almond Protein Powder or 100% Organic Almond Butter? Check some of these out. Got one of your own, you'd like to add? Go to one of our social media sites and share them. Everyone would love to see your creations.

FightBack Foods Waffles


In this recipe, the FightBack Foods Almond Protein Powder acts as a dry ingredient, so more wet ingredients (buttermilk and oil) are needed to create the right consistency.

FightBack Foods Blueberry Muffin

Berry Yogurt Muffins

These wholesome muffins, made with oats, Greek yogurt, berries, and FightBack Foods Almond Protein Powder, are perfect for a healthy grab-and-go breakfast or afternoon snack. They’re packed with over 13 grams of protein and lots of fiber to keep you full.

FightBack Foods Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

FightBack Foods Almond Protein Powder combines seamlessly with other dry ingredients and adds a rich, silky quality to this recipe.

Artichoke Pizza


This is a nice healthy homemade pizza. Make it a fun night with your choice of toppings. Add in our FightBack Foods Almond Protein Powder for the boost of good calories. 

Banana and Honey Ice Cream

Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Protein Shake

This is a refreshing and tasty treat. This is another way to use our 100% Organic FightBack Foods PowerfullyPure Almond Butter. Plus, if you like that chocolate flavor, we added in the grass fed FightBack Foods Champion Chocolate whey protein powder.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

This easy Pad Thai recipe has rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, tofu, scrambled eggs, and fresh vegetables all tossed together in a delicious homemade sauce using 100% Organic FightBack Foods PowerfullyPure Almond Butter. It's packed with flavor and can be made in under 30 minutes!

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